For Amnesty International

Abusive labour migration policies: Submission to the UN Committee on Migrant Workers’ day of general discussion on workplace exploitation and workplace protection, 7 April 2014 (Index: IOR 42/002/2014), April 2014.
Volevamo braccia e sono arrivati uomini: Sfruttamento lavorativo dei braccianti agricoli migranti in Italia
(Index: EUR 30/021/2012), December 2012.
Exploited labour: Migrant workers in Italy’s agricultural sector (Index: EUR 30/020/2012), December 2012.
Italy: The regularization should protect the rights of migrants (Index: EUR 30/012/2012), September 2012.
Bringing power to justice: Absence of immunity for heads of state before the International Criminal Court (Index: IOR 53/017/2010), December 2010.
Commissioning justice: Truth commissions and criminal justice (Index: POL 30/004/2010), April 2010.
Nepal: Joint Memorandum on the Disappearances of Persons (Crime and Punishment) Bill, August 2009.
Liberia: Towards the final phase of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (Index: AFR 34/002/2008), July 2008.
Kenya: Concerns about the Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission Bill (Index: AFR 32/009/2008), May 2008.
Nepal: Reconciliation does not mean impunity –A memorandum on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Bill (Index: ASA 31/006/2007), August 2007 .
Truth, justice and reparation: Establishing an effective truth commission (Index: POL 30/009/2007), June 2007.
Liberia: A brief guide to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (Index: AFR 34/007/2006), November 2006.
Liberia: Truth, Justice and Reparation- Memorandum on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Act (Index: AFR 34/005/2006), June 2006.

Academic articles

The Human Rights of Migrants as Limitations on States’ Control Over Entry and Stay in Their Territory, EJIL: Talk! [blog of the European Journal of International Law], 21 May 2015.

“Victimes et bourreaux : questions de responsabilité liées à la problématique des enfants-soldats en Afrique”, International Review of the Red Cross, no. 852, December 2003.
“La prevenzione dei conflitti e le ONG”, Affari Esteri, Vol. XXXIII, No. 132, Autumn 2001.


Moving away from the South African model: Amnesties and prosecutions in the practice of 40 truth commissions, presented at the Oxford Transitional Justice Research Seminar, University of Oxford, 25 January 2010.


The Italian and EU response to the refugee crisis, interview with Tgcom24, 12 October 2016, in Italian.

Stefan Rother, Interview on the #GFMD in Sweden: “Limited civil society participation a huge missed opportunity for governments”, The GFMD, Migration Development and Human Rights blog, 22 April 2014.

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