Consultant, Human rights impact of COVID-19 data-driven tracking of refugee and migrant populations

Closing Date: 29 November 2020
Location: any (online)
Type: Consultancy
Duration: 6 months
Working Hours: 35 hours per week
Salary: competitive salary based on experience

Amnesty International is looking for a consultant to map the human rights impact of COVID-19 data-driven tracking of refugee and migrant populations (contact tracing systems, surveillance, biometric and digital identification systems). Key research questions we would like to explore include:
• What system are most commonly in place (or will be in place in the near future) at borders, in refugee camps and in cities?
• Does the threat of surveillance impact decision-making around routes of refuge, access to asylum and rights?
• To what extent does it lead to system avoidance in contexts of e.g. accessing basic goods and services and other economic and social rights?
• To what extent can refugees and migrants challenge immutable identification categories leading to discrimination?
• What other human rights are being violated by use of these technologies?
• What are the gender dimensions/ gendered impacts? How are the rights of children and the rights of persons with disabilities being impacted? Just as refugees and migrants come from different walks of life, so their intersectional struggles vary and are often compounded by displacement and surveillance.
• Which power dynamics are at play in the deployment of data driven tracking- where is related policy being designed and debated?

We are looking for a self-starter with experience of human rights research (in particular research into the impact of technology on human rights) and working with refugees. Experience using participatory research methods and/or knowledge of business and human rights issues is an asset.

Please send your CV and an unedited short writing sample (for example: op-ed, research plan, cover letter, etc.) to before 23:59 London time on Sunday 29th November.

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